The Tanners

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Notre histoire

Notre nom, The Tanners, ne vient ni d’une passion pour le cuir, ni d'une aversion envers les animaux, mais d'une rencontre faite au Maroc avec les mecs les plus rock'n'roll ayant jamais existé: les tanneurs de Marrakech. C’est aussi un hommage à l’histoire rock qui n’a manqué ni de cuir, ni de The.
Issu d’une fusion entre le groove et le rock, notre musique dépasse toute vibration architectonique. Coulant de nos guitares brûlantes, elle résonne aux oreilles de chaque auditeur comme une explosion de volcanic rock et se répand peu à peu partout comme un magma chaud et puissant.

Notre musique

New Tune coming SOON!
New Tune coming SOON!

Asian Population

Asian population, asian population, asian population, etc...

Verse 1
The girl was lonely even though she was funny,
her eyes were pretty deep as infinity,
her generosity bigger than any money,
I don't know, really, why she changed so freakin' quickly

Relax, this is a weird track
Just feel, the groove is a fact
I know the lyrics are abstract, this is asian, asian population

Verse 2
Asian population changed her global vision, obliviation
is her fascination,
says she needs medication or could it be addiction
her said condition leads to freakin' tension


Verse 3
Flying so high in the velvet sky,
she sees a nice guy who seems to cry,
should she ask him why, or not even try?
She doesn't know now how she became so freakin' shy

Chorus & Solo

Verse 4
When I saw she threw her beloved statue,
I directly knew what she was going through,
She was wearing blue, and the wind just grew
A sense of deja-vu, but what could I freakin' do?

Kind girl
Sweet kind girl
Fun sweet kind girl
Pretty fun sweet kind girl
My pretty fun sweet kind girl

This is asian,
asian population, etc...

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